Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Fun

It's the most wonderful time of the year... April Fool's Day! All week the kids have been taking sides. We've heard, "I'm on Mom's team!" and "I'm on Dad's team!" at the house. Ross even said, "This is our second favorite holiday after Christmas." We have had a lot of fun with it in years' past, so the kids really anticipated it this year. Here is a synopsis of some of our Tom Foolery:

  • Drew put some of his (clean) underwear on Mallory's arms while she slept.

  • Edward stuffed tissues in the tips of Drew's shoes.

  • Edward and Elizabeth saran wrapped the boys' doorway. Ross could see it but Drew didn't. It startled him a bit.

  • I drew mustaches and beards on Mallory, Drew, and Elizabeth with eye liner. I tried to get Ross, but he woke up. That kid can sleep through numerous finger sticks each night, but that eye liner really tickled his lip! And Elizabeth woke up and asked what I was doing in her room at 1:00 a.m., but I muttered I was just kissing them good night. She bought it, and I laughed.

  • Mallory did a ginormous, man-sized toot this morning. I said, "Mallory! Whoa!" She giggled and said, "April Fool's!"

  • My favorite one was pulled off when I picked Elizabeth and Drew up from school. Apparently just my mere breathing is mortifying to Elizabeth. I embarrass her daily without even trying. So I wore a bicycle helment as I drove to pick her up today. Priceless. The pick-up duty teacher was laughing. Elizabeth yelled, "You're ruining my life!" as she got in the van. I'd say it was a successful prank!

  • I created some fake poo using ripped up wet toilet paper tubes. Everyone but Mallory knew it was fake. She came in the bathroom this morning, and her eyes were immediately drawn to the turd on the toilet. She whispered, "Poop."

Edward tinted the milk green with food coloring.

I snuck over to Andrea and Tommie's house and hung a sign on their house that read, "Welcome Home Waddell Family - Winners of the 2010 Missouri Duck Calling Competition"

And perhaps the best prank was pulled off by Mallory! Edward and I will be attending our church's semi-annual General Conference in Salt Lake City on Sunday. We secured our tickets, and they arrived yesterday. They were in an envelope, and I set them down with our mail yesterday. As Edward was clearing off the table for dinner last night, he noticed that the tickets were missing. He and I tore the house apart looking for them after the kids were put to bed. He even went through the trash. All night we kept asking the big kids if they had anything to do with their disappearance, and we could tell they honestly had not. I asked Edward if he had done it, and he, too, sincerely had not. This morning he found them in one of the kitchen cabinets. At dinner tonight, I again quizzed everyone to find out who did it. Mallory smiled and said, "I did!" I thought she was joking so I asked where she hid them. I then asked Edward where he found them, and they were one in the same.

That's my girl!

    My Cute Creation!

    At our house, we really feel strongly about teaching our kids how to work. They all have daily chores. We feel they will benefit as adults if they learn how to work when they are young. The older they get, the more they despise chores. Too bad! Mallory is still at the age that it is a treat to get to do chores. She is more than excited if I ask her to help me dust or fold washcloths. Ross is now at the age that it's as if I told him to swim through a shark infested pool when I tell him it's chore time.

    We wanted to get an early start with teaching Lucy how to work. I came up with an age appropriate chore for her. I found a dusting rag at the dollar store. I cut it up and sewed it to this thrifted outfit. As she has tummy time, she will be able to help clean our floors! And with a household of seven people, our floors get really dirty really fast! When she starts scooting and crawling within the next few months, she'll have the floors shining in no time. It's a win-win situation!

    My Cute Creation

    April Fool's!

    This is really a product in Japan.