Thursday, April 1, 2010

March 32nd

...or in other words, APRIL FOOL'S DAY! Ahhh, one of my favorite days of the year. As I've said before, I don't like the mean-spirited tricks when victims feel bad. But come on, who doesn't like a good gag! I've participated in April Fool's Day over the years, and my family still keeps me around. I've spent the last few nights getting some ideas off the Internet. This was the first year Edward pulled some of his own. Man I'm a lucky gal!

First of all, I invited my old pal Jose over to welcome everyone to the breakfast table. Jose came to be from old Halloween gear from the basement.

I filled Ziploc bags with air and placed them behind Edward's tires. I also set the windshield wipers, and blasted the radio and the heat in Edward's Jeep. Apparently he read the same website as I did because I found the same welcome when I started my van today!

Ross and Elizabeth lay their school clothes out each night before bed. After they'd fallen asleep, I snuck into their rooms and switched their underwear. I laid Elizabeth's underwear on Ross's clothes and Ross's undies on her clothes. Neither one appreciated that prank. I wrapped Drew's underwear around his arm while he slept and place some of Mallory's Barney underwear in his shoes. He liked it at least.

Elizabeth and Edward pulled the old "tape down the sprayer" dodge. Crazy me! They got me! Elizabeth was really into the holiday this year. She tried to sneak into my room to re-set my clock early this morning. I knew what she was doing and pointed to the door and said, "Out." Mama don't play that. Don't go messin' with my sleep. She later came back in and tried to tell me I'd overslept, so I played along. She also filled one of the kitchen cabinets with balls that fell down on me when I opened the door. She put peanuts in Ross's shoes, and she sprinkled salt on every one's tooth brushes. That's my girl!
Edward also monkeyed with my computer. He set the mouse to move like molasses as well as switched the functions on the left and right buttons.
Last night I painted the soap with translucent fingernail polish so it wouldn't lather when Edward used it in the shower this morning. It was still like that at bath time tonight and Drew asked me, "Why does this soap look like cheese?"
My two favorite pranks of the day were 1). when I sewed the fly closed on Eddie's undies and 2). I smeared a little chocolate pudding on the toilets. Neither one was particularly mature, but they yielded the best yuks! Edward said he was thinking, "What in the world?!?!" when he visited the men's room. Edward was in the bathroom when Elizabeth walked in and saw the pudding. He said she was literally gagging. And I walked in when a sleepy Drew took a gander at the foulness on the toilet. I asked, "Did you do that?!?" to which he emphatically denied his involvement. I replied, "Hmm" and took a swipe and pretended to lick my finger. He had a look of utter terror and disgust on his face. I could hardly get out the words, "April Fool's" because I couldn't even breathe through my laughter. Oh how I wish I'd recorded that moment!

I ended the day by freezing Edward's toothbrush.
Well, I guess it's time to start planning for next year!