Monday, September 15, 2008

As the great Kermit the Frog says, it's not easy being green.

Because the kids have no school today due to teachers' meetings, the boys invited their cousins Grant and Harrison over to spend the night. We traded Elizabeth for them, as she went to spend the night at their house with Emmaline. The boys asked to sleep on on the air mattress. Edward and I figured the best place to put it would be between Elizabeth twin beds (Ssshhhh. Don't tell Elizabeth that *gasp* boys slept in her room. She would be LIVID!), giving the four boys room to spread out. Because the air mattress has a leak somewhere (can't find it), it deflates during a peaceful night's slumber, resulting in its' inhabitants getting extremely cozy with each other. Ross is the only one that had any sense to move to his own comfortable and stable bed, as this is how three of the boys looked during their sleep-over, or should I say sleep-on-top-of:
This morning, I found out what Harrison was up to last night when he didn't have a good explanation for what he was doing in the bathroom. After PJs were on and teeth were brushed, he went into the bathroom for a long time and then came out. I asked him to please go back and flush, and he told me he didn't go to the bathroom. I then asked, "Well what were you doing in there then?" to which he replied, "I don't know." I just laughed because he is so silly, but Edward went in to investigate. He came back out after finding everything in its proper place. We just shook it off to Harrison being his crazy self.

Fast forward to this morning after everyone was up and going. Drew whispered in my ear (snitched) that Harrison brought his frog over last night. What!?! He smuggled a frog he found yesterday into Chez Felker. We were all at an uncle's birthday party last night when the boys found a frog outside while playing. I guess he didn't feel like turning it loose like his mom asked, and instead thought it a better idea to keep it for a pet. So I said, "Harrison, do you have a frog in my house?!" He just had a look on his face that he knew he was busted! When I started laughing, that busted face changed to a look of relief. He finally answered, "Yes, but it died in the middle of the night." I asked, "Did you carry it home in your pocket?" He slowly shook his head yes, with a serious look on his face. I think he was still trying to determine if I was mad or not. I asked, "Weren't you afraid it would get smashed in there?" He shook his head no. I asked, "You took it to your house when you went to pack your bag, and then you brought it over here?" He shook his head yes again. I asked, "How did you get it over here?" He said, "I put it in this" (showing me this plastic egg) -

The egg was filled with water, hence the sneaky behavior in the bathroom last night. I said, "You filled it with water??!!" He answered, "Yes, but it's head was sticking out." Hmmm. Imagine that. The little critter died in a three inch plastic egg with no air-flow, filled with water. He then told me, "Last night I would pick it up by the leg, and it would kick, but when I picked it up by the leg one time, it didn't kick so I knew it was dead." I just said, "Oh, Harrison. Go throw it under the bushes in the backyard."
That one makes me laugh!