Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kung Fu Drew

Drew is known to fall asleep with some crazy things on him or in his bed. This is the latest wacky get-up I found him in:

He wore Sock 'em Boppers on his feet. When he saw these pictures he told me with a straight face, "Don't take pictures of me when I'm asleep."

Crazy Harry

My nephew, Harrison, is such a funny little guy! He always makes me laugh. My favorite story of him is when he was about 2 1/2 and the Schwann's man came to their house. It was at the time when the U.S. was on the hunt for a hidden Saddam Hussein. The Schwann Man had thick dark hair and a thick dark mustache. After my sister closed the door from doing business with him, Harrison was over in the corner and said to Andrea, "Me no love him. Me no love Saddam."

Vacation 2006

The Waddell kids posing in front of the Twister ride

When we zoomed in on Harrison's face, this is what we saw. I laugh every time I see it!

Afro Harry

The kids were captured by Zurg.

Again, this is what we saw when we zoomed in on Harrison.

Here are pictures of his latest shenanigans:
He used a plastic knife to score teeth in a HUGE piece of cantaloupe he shoved in his mouth.

He reminded me of Dr. Teeth (of the Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem fame). To quote him from The Muppet Movie: "Golden teeth and golden tones, welcome to my presence."

Blueberry Picking

We LOVE blueberries at our house, so we're always so excited when the nearby blueberry farm opens for the season. We were extra excited this year because it's been two years since were able to go to the farm (due to a frost after the blueberries bushes had already begun to bloom).
We actually went on the morning of July 4th, since I would have Edward's help in picking. The weather here that day was fantastic! It only got up into the high 70's, so it was a perfect day for picking blueberries!

As you can see, Mallory was very enthusiastic about helping! She actually did a pretty good job! I think Ross ended up eating more than he picked. Every time we looked at him he was eating some. Elizabeth was a good sport without much complaining. Drew started the morning off not wanting to participate (he just thought he would wait for us at the picnic table while we did all the work), but thankfully he decided to have some fun and help us out (and make us laugh by putting the bucket on his head). He declared he was finished about 15 minutes into it and decided to squish beetles instead. He had me in tears of laughter though, because the bug guts (or beetle juice as he called it) smelled HORRID on his arm. He kept sniffing his arm and then gagging from the smell. He was begging to go home so he could take a bath.

It was quite a successful day for us! We ended up picking over 15 pounds of blueberries which ended up being about 60+ cups. We've already made blueberry pancakes, smoothies, and of course we eat them as a snack. I always hope to pick enough so that they can last through out the year in our freezer, but I usually don't get that far. Yum-O!