Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Crazy Things I've Heard (Long Overdue!)

Drew - Draw me with armpit hair. (Edward drawing family members for Lucy)

Drew - Does anyone have a tranquilizer gun?  (Talking about Lucy screaming on a long car trip)

Drew - I'm on a reading diet this summer.

Drew - Lucy snores when she's awake.

Elizabeth - She can throw her colon like a ventriloquist throws his voice.

Elizabeth - If I bend over my underwear is going to go into my kidney.

Elizabeth - I don't want a fancy fish. Fancy fish are all snobby.

Mallory - It makes me want to throw up of joy!

Mallory - My foot smells like water.

Mallory - (Telling me about a 2 year-old boy that didn't cry when getting shots) - Does he have metal
in his body or something? 

Mallory - Drew. Here is your surprise. Bleeding sauce! Just put it on your arm and rub it around and around.

Mallory - He whistles like an angel.

Mallory - Mom? Is this a bear or Jesus?

Lucy - Mom, do I look like a hobo or a princess?

In Primary, our Children's Church, the teacher said, "Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead." Little girl - "That's gross."