Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 in Photos

It's really hard to choose one favorite image from each month of 2013!  But here are a few of my favorites:
January:  Aaron and Grandma Rowe at her 100th birthday celebration
February:  Lucy's Valentine

 March:  Cousin Chaos

April:  The gang is back together with Mary Catherine's quick trip home from college.

May:  Disney World
June:  JTC II
 July:  Family Reunion Pool Party

August:  Sisters

September:  Amelia

October:  Trick or Treat

November:  Fall Family photos
December:  Spirit of Christmas

2013 was a great year for the Felker family.  Looking back, what made it a great year was family! 

Christmas 2013

Before our Christmas church service

 So Drew.

Christmas with the Wrights

Christmas morning

 Lucy would have been excited with anything she got this year.
 Despite the unenthused face, a digital clock was at the top of Mallory's wish list, and she was very happy that Santa came through for her!

 A mini trampoline was her biggest wish.
And airsoft gun was at the top of Drew's list.  And yes, we've set some rules on its use!
 I don't know too many kids that ask for socks for Christmas!

 Nothing too extravagant for Elizabeth this year.  Just clothes and other girly things.  Yep.  Almost a teenager.

 And Ross wanted his own wrestling mats this year.  Because they were triple the amount we spend per person on Christmas, we told him there was absolutely no way that would be happening.  It turns out some special elves have a great connection with Santa and pulled off a huge surprise.

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from this crazy bunch!