Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cupid's Crazy Cafe

On this Valentine's Day, Edward and I decided to celebrate with the kids.  We will go on a date tomorrow to bypass tonight's crowds hopefully.  I found a fun idea on Pinterest, of course, that I wanted to do for the kids.  I created a menu of code words.  Each person had to make selections for the three courses without knowing what (s)he would be getting.  The eight code words stood for 1. fork 2. spoon 3. cantaloupe 4. salad 5. bread 6. lasagna 7. pie pops and 8. milk.  Some people just made their selections in chronilogical order.  Ross and Elizabeth sat through the appetizers with only a fork and spoon.
Drew selected salad and spaghetti without having utensils.  We all got a great laugh watching him eat!
 Of course no Valentine's Day dinner is complete without candlelight!
 The tween/teen patiently waited for the rest of us to finish the first course.
 By the main course everyone had utensils, but some chose not to use them.
 Who knew eating spaghetti is so fun to do without a fork?

Tongues do the job just as well apparently!

Me and my little Cupid!
Happy Valentine's Day!