Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Parties

The old class Valentine's Day party.  Nothing instilled as much fear in me during elementary school (except my second grade teacher!) as the Valentine's Day party.  I fretted and worried over each and every valentine I addressed to my classmates.  What would they think of the messages?  Would they read in something more than was intended?  Why did they have to be so mushy?
Drew shares my childhood concerns.  He once made a Valentine's Day box that said, "Love stinks."  We added a skunk to the box.  This year he wanted to incorporate his one true love in his valentine cards - football.
Mallory is still little enough that she loves all of her classmates, so she wanted to write a sweet message to her friends.  She had a very specific idea in mind for her valentine cards.
And once again, thank you Pinterest!  Their boxes were quick and easy and funny!  Just what I like!