Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Buddy the Elf

This year was the first year we received a fun little visitor.  Buddy was the name that was agreed upon.  We enjoyed his daily escapades.  Usually the first thing Lucy said when she awoke each morning was, "I see Buddy."  Even Edward, who wakes much earlier than the rest of us, searched for Buddy when he got up each morning.  Here are most of his shenanigans.
 He used a dry-erase marker on the kids' photos on his very first day.
 Getting buff on a pull-up bar
 Ready to roast a marshmallow
 Aiming a nerf gun at unsuspecting people
 Resting (on Ross's insulin) in the refrigerator
 Slurping syrup
 Wooing Barbie
 Sugar angels
 TP-ing the tree
 Coloring for the little girls
 Trying to bust into Mallory's piggy bank
 Getting tangled in hair bows
 Graffiti in the bathroom
 Zip lining
 Doing acrobatics on the curtain rod
 Daydreaming with the boys' sports medals
 Taking self-portraits with my camera
 Snoozing on the tissue box
 Taking a spin in my filthy vacuum
And on his final night, he knelt to honor the Newborn King.
Goodbye, Buddy!  See you next year!