Thursday, December 20, 2012

Trimming The Tree

Mallory's Lost Tooth

If you ask Mallory what she wants for Christmas she says an Innotab 2 and to lose three teeth.  I'm not sure what Santa has in store, but I don't know if those three teeth will come out before Christmas.  It hasn't been looking too promising.  This week, however, Miss Determination has been working her bottom two teeth like a mad woman.  While we were at Ross's last wrestling match tonight, she decided she was going to get it out when we got home.
 Two loose little teeth
(The poor little thing had a run-in with an exercise band handle last night that resulted in a swollen and bruised forehead and bridge of the nose.)

I wrapped the floss around her tooth, and before I could get my camera settings ready, she yanked it out!  I don't really think it hurt her as much as it surprised her!

Little sister was really worried about big sister and ran to comfort her.

Then when she asked to hold Mallory's tooth she tried to put it with her own teeth!

A little more excited.