Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Little Spooks

Oompa Loompa Lucy

Raggedy Ann Mallory

Injured Football Player Drew

Detective Elizabeth

Trick-or-treating with Emmy and Harrison to Great-great Grandma Rowe
Even the diabetic, non-trick-or-treater got in on the talks!

Good Luck Wishes From Our Kids

After nearly ten years as an insurance agent with American Family Insurance in Bonne Terre, Edward has been asked to take over an agency in our hometown.  We are very excited and grateful for this new opportunity.  We think this will be a wonderful move for our family.  His new commute to work is two minutes!
Elizabeth is always so good about encouraging others with posters and cards.  She secretly created this big banner for Edward last night, recruiting every one's involvement.  It was displayed at the bottom of the stairs for Edward to see when he came down bright and early this morning before anyone else was up.
I was the last one to sign the banner late last night.  I was cracking up when I saw what the kids wrote!

  Elizabeth's message
She signed for Lucy.
I was prompted to write this after reading what the other three wrote.
 From Ross
Followed by Drew
And my favorite!  Sweet little Mallory is learning to read and write in kindergarten.  I guess she wanted to write her very own message without asking for help how to spell certain words. Good enough!