Friday, September 21, 2012

Crazy Things I've Heard This Week

*I'm hearing impaled.  (Elizabeth)

*I got all of the sleep out of me.  (Mallory)

*He's cute. But not as cute as Taylor Lautner. With his shirt off.  (Elizabeth)

*Well Grammy smells like soap.  (Elizabeth)
And lavender.  (Drew)
{Said after a conversation about something that stunk}
*My voice is making him nauseous.  (Elizabeth)

*Drew:  Mom, something is growing on my chest.  (He was very concerned.)
Me:  It just looks like a mosquito bite.
Drew:  Oh. I was afraid I was growing a third nipple or something.

*Giving the little girls a bath, Lucy rolled onto her belly and wanted me to wash her with this soap by saying, "Elmo's World. My bum." while pointing to her bum.