Monday, September 3, 2012

Crazy Things I've Heard This Month

*Do you know your head is looking like a seven?  (Mallory, said to Drew after he cut his head)

*(Watching a tv program about parents that don't give their kids consequences)
Me:  How do you think those kids will turn out?
Elizabeth:  They will probably be stuck up and might turn out in the street. So snobby hobos.

*(Edward and Drew were working on Drew's Cub Scout first aid requirement.  It covered bandaging wounds.)
So should I go get a knife?  (Drew, completely serious, thinking he needed to create a wound that they could practice bandaging)

*Look, Mom. I'm a thigh dancer.  (Drew, showing me his dance moves)

*Please bless us never to have bad hair days for church.  (Mallory, said during family prayer last night)