Monday, May 14, 2012

The Adventures Of Queen Niecer

This year we wanted to give my mom a special gift for Mother's Day that would help make it a happy day for her.  At the last minute, (like we always do!)  I came up with an idea to write and illustrate a book for her.  The whole Wright crew took turns writing a section of the story before passing it on to the next person.  My clever brother, Aaron, started us off in a brilliant direction.  We laughed so much as we read what the person before us wrote!  When everyone was finished writing, I drew some simple pictures and had the grandkids (all but busy Mary Catherine) color them.  We then had the story made into a hardback book.  It was a very fun thing to be a part of, and everyone's personalities shined.  It was a hit!  Mom loved it!  I think there might be a sequel to The Adventures Of Queen Niecer in the future!  Here is our book:
 (Aaron)  Once upon a time, there was a sweet little lady named Niecer. Not only was she sweet and little, but she was also the beloved queen of the land. She lived in a castle with the king, Big G, who, because she was so little and sweet, would often put her in his pocket and carry her around the kingdom to visit her loyal subjects. It was on one of these journeys that sweet little Queen Niecer fell through a hole in Big G's pocket and into a babbling brook.

(Harrison) When Niecer fell into the water, she didn't know what to do! She met a nice turtle named Harry. She told him that she couldn't get out and asked if he would help her. He told her that he would, but only if she would help him train for a race against the hare. She said, "I will help if you don't eat me!"
 (Tommie) So Niecer said, "The first thing we need to do is get you some stretchy bands. These bands have always been helpful to me. I love to work out with stretchy bands!"
 (Mary Catherine) In the meantime, Big G was walking through the kingdom and helping the people in all of the land. He was about to make a very generous donation, but as he reached into his pocket, he realized it had a hole---and Niecer was missing! Using his brilliant cell phone skills, he texted his wonderful Princess Canna and asked for her help.
 (Grant) Princess Canna called her homeboy, G-Swag, the most famous ladies' man of all the knights in the kingdom.They went in search of Queen Niecer, and along the way met two smoking-hot fair maidens. G-Swag turned on his charm and asked the fair maidens if they had seen the rockin' Queen Niecer. The girls said the only unusual thing they had seen that day was a turtle with stretchy bands, and offered to show them the way.
 (Emmaline) Back at the brook, it was time for the race. Queen Niecer was on the sidelines cheering Harry on. Harry easily won the race because of the help from Queen Niecer and her stretchy bands! Just then, a hummingbird named Emmy flew by. She had noticed Princess Canna and G-Swag searching for Queen Niecer, and she swooped down and offered to take her to them. Queen Niecer said , "That would be lovely!" and she hopped onto Emmy's back.
 (Andrea) The little hummingbird and the little queen took flight. It didn't take long for them to spot the princess and the knight. Emmy flitted to the pair who were overjoyed to see their beloved Queen Niecer. "Quickly," she said to them. "We must get back to the castle. Poor Big G must be worried sick about me!" They thanked the sweet hummingbird for her help and headed home. But all of a sudden, a net entangled the travelers and pulled them up. There they were, dangling from a tree, when a mean ugly ogre stepped out from behind a rock, laughing a most wicked laugh!

(Drew) The evil ogre named Green Runny Drew Stu laughed as he popped them into his mouth. Queen Niecer, with an extra pair of stretchy bands, lassoed Green Runny Drew Stu's uvula. The evil ogre began to gag and spit out the lucky pair. They were very fortunate that they landed on his bed and escaped.
 (Mallory) Then the mommy ogre came and chased them. The mommy and daddy ogre had a friend that was a witch. The mean witch helped the mommy ogre chase Queen Niecer and little Emmy, the hummingbird. The witch's cat jumped onto her broomstick. Then the cat's twin jumped on, too! That made the witch's broomstick fly out of control, fall to the ground, and crash into a rock. BAM!
(Elizabeth) The ogre tripped over the scene of the witch's crash and was knocked unconscious. Once again Queen Niecer and Emmy escaped danger, but Emmy's wings were getting tired. Queen Niecer used her cell phone to call Lizzie the Fairy. Lizzie got there lickity split. She picked them up and flew them into an unseen spider web. They struggled, but it was pointless. The web was too strong.
 (Ross) All of a sudden a spider named Ross appeared. It looked like he was going to eat them. He asked them what was going on and why they were struggling to get out. Queen Niecer replied, "We're trying to escape from two evil ogres and a witch. I want to get back to Big G and my beautiful kingdom!" Ross kindly said, "Ok
 (Edward) Once freed, Emmy stated, "I will now take you back to Princess Canna and G-Swag. They have been sent by Big G to rescue you." They thanked Lizzie the Fairy for her help and headed on their merry way. As they flew, they noticed the two smoking-hot fair maidens running in fear below them. Out of concern Queen Niecer stated, "Let's go see how we can help." So down they flew.
 (Stephanie) When they reached the fair maidens, Queen Niecer sweetly asked how she could help. The lovely ladies could only tremble as they pointed toward the distant castle. Emmy flew the beautiful and kind queen as quickly as she could. Once at the castle, Queen Niecer beheld an incredible sight. The adorable yet fearless Little Lulu was climbing up the scaly back of a wretched, fire-breathing dragon. Just as tiny Queen Niecer was about to charge the ugly beast to rescue the daredevil baby, she spied the handsome and brave Big G creeping toward the nasty creature.
 (Dale) Big G, too, had his own pair of stretchy bands (which the lovely, tiny, but head strong Queen Niecer incessantly insisted on him using to get himself into shape) and was able to lasso the horrible monster! Down, down, down fell the dragon, hitting its head and knocking it unconscious! As it hit the ground, a mask flew off of its face showing it wasn’t a dragon at all! It was G-Swag who had disguised himself so he could go catch the two smoking hot fair maidens without his parents knowing about it! 
(Dale)  After recognizing there was no danger from a dragon, Big G untied G-Swag and declared there would be a great festival because his sweet little Queen Niecer had been returned to him! Harry the Turtle, Princess Canna, the two smoking hot fair maidens, Emmy the Hummingbird, the mommy ogre, Green Runny Drew Stu, the witch and her cat, Lizzie the Fairy, Ross the Spider, Fearless little Lulu, the still somewhat dazed G-Swag, and the Village People from throughout all the land came together and exchanged many hugs and kisses and had a great feast and they all sang YMCA!