Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's Day 2012

My goodness! I've felt a little pressure to come up with some good April Fool's Day pranks this year. I guess I set my bar high in years' past. As usual, there was much anticipation and research into this year's antics. The kids picked teams this year. Mallory designated herself to be on my team. The boys joined forces. And Elizabeth did her own research and ran her ideas by Edward. Edward and i teamed up as well. Here's a quick recap:

The boys filled Edward's pillowcase with shaving cream.
They set an alarm clock for 5:30 am and hid it in our room, but Edward found it before we went to bed.
Last night while the kids slept Edward and I painted the boys' fingernails a sparkly pink.
We put flower clips in their hair.
I sewed Ross' blanket to him as he slept.
I sewed Drew to his sheets.
I sewed a stuffed animal to Elizabeth's pajamas.
We used mascara to draw eyebrows, a mustache, and beard on Mallory.
I tried to get Elizabeth, but she started stirring.
I went to the basement to get a bunch of Christmas decorations to gussy up the girls' room, but by the time I came back upstairs she had locked the door. This was at 1:30 am.
Edward filled a urine collection cup with yellow food-colored water and left it in the boys room. Drew was grossed out by that one.
Edward taped down the sprayer on the sink.
I filled an empty toothpaste tube with mustard, but everyone figured that one out before using it.
I put drops of food coloring on everyone's toothbrushes.
Elizabeth poured some fingernail polish on waxed paper and let it dry out. She put it with the emptied jar and brush on Ross' clothes to look like a spill.

Hmm. I think that was it. It's been a pretty busy day here with much laughter.