Friday, March 9, 2012

Crazy Things I've Heard This Week

*We should use these handcuffs on Christmas Eve to handcuff us to the bed so we won't be tempted to get up and spy on Santa. (Mallory)

*Do you think it's warm enough for the Slip 'N Slide? (Drew, said on a sixty degree February day)

*I wish it wasn't a rule that you couldn't invite yourself over to peoples' houses. (Mallory)

*Haha! That dog looks like chicken. Can you make chicken that looks like that sometime?". (Mallory)

*Me: Mallory, you're going to be a great mommy.
Mallory: I know. I'm already the greatest kid. If I'm already the greatest kid I know I will be the greatest mom.

*I'm more excited than when Taylor Lautner took his shirt off! (Elizabeth, upon learning we will all being going to San Fransisco this summer)

(This next one is my favorite. This is a text I got from Ross when he was babysitting his siblings.)
*I think drew is goth he is being nagative about everything!. >:-( >:-(. Very frustrated!!! Things r hectic. We just put in a movie. So things r a litle settled down here, but still very frustrated!!!>:-( >:-( >:-(