Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Who Needs Toys?

Sometimes I laugh when I think about the difference in my parenting from Ross to Lucy.  It's not that I love #5 any less than #1.  It's just a natural loosening up I guess.  For instance, with Ross I think I never left home without anything he might possibly need - toys, extra clothes, wipes and diapers, books, etc.  I laughed recently when at church I realized there were no toys in the diaper bag for Lucy to play with.  I offered her a shoe.  And last week I gave her some dental floss to hold while I was shuttling kids back and forth.  She seemed to enjoy it.

I don't think she even needs actual toys for Christmas.  I might just send the kids around the house to wrap objects we already have on hand.  Maybe a toothbrush, coaster, tape, Q-tips.  They're just as fun, right?