Wednesday, December 7, 2011

11 Months

Lucy is officially a little walker!  With her new found mobility comes a curious nature.  She is in to EVERYTHING.  She opens cabinets, empties drawers, rips up papers, climbs everything, and on and on all day long.

She has brought so much joy to so many.  Her role in our family has been especially important at this very sad time for us.  My brother, Ben, passed away very unexpectedly two days before Thanksgiving.  Lucy's smiles, tender snuggles, and happiness have helped our hearts.  Our entire family has been together a lot over these last two weeks.  The night of Ben's funeral we had a sleepover at my parents, even though we just live one block up the street from Mom and Dad, and my sister's family lives about three blocks away.  All sixteen of us brought pillows and sleeping bags, just to be a little closer to one another.  As we all gathered for bedtime prayers in the living room, Lucy entertained the crowd.  She climbed all over the pallets, clapped, giggled, and put on a show.  Everyone was laughing and cheering her on.  I had the distinct impression that those ten minutes of pure joy she was bringing to our wounded family were the reason she was sent to our family.  I think back nineteen months ago and remember the shock upon learning a baby would be joining our already large family.  How grateful I am that our Father knew we would need her so much at this specific time in our lives.