Monday, November 21, 2011

They're On To Me

After twelve years of parenting I've figured out why I have naughty little children.  Much too often I CAN'T  HELP LAUGHING WHEN I SHOULD BE DISCIPLINING!

Case in point:  Mallory got in trouble and we had to make good on a threat to send her to bed early.  An hour after she was sent to bed, I walked around the corner to find her sitting on the stairs playing with her doll.  I stopped in my tracks and gave her The Look.  She immediately replied with a straight face, "I can explain it all."  She proceeded to concentrate really hard and was deep in thought for about ten seconds.  She then responded, "Actually I can't.  It's too hard to explain."  I had to stifle my giggles behind Lucy's little head, but Mallory was on to me and broke out in a laugh herself.

My kids are smart!  They've figured out that all they need to do is say something witty or clever and I lose it.