Friday, November 18, 2011

Crazy Things I've Heard This Week

*Do poor people use socks instead of napkins?  (Drew)

*I'm gonna name one of my kids Cute Face if they have a cute face.  (Mallory)

*Mom, you look like a penguin with swagger!  (Elizabeth, embarrassed as I showed her some of my dance moves)

*Lizzie!  You're getting into my darkness!  (Mallory, said as Elizabeth blocked the light as she was crafting)

*Me:  Mallory, why are you wearing two pair of underwear?
Mallory:  In case we have a fire and the other ones fall off.

~Everything I've ever posted from Mallory, she has said seriously.  She has never said any of these things to try to get a laugh, unlike some of the other kids.  That makes what she says even funnier to me!