Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Want To Remember

It's these little things I want to always remember.

Lucy always perches her tiny little foot on the handle of her high chair tray.  Always.  And it makes me smile.  Always.  I want to remember this.  Just like I want to remember when Ross was her age he always kicked off his right shoe and pulled off his sock every time he got in his car seat.  And I want to remember how Elizabeth held a section of her hair and rubbed it against her mouth and nose when she was a sleepy toddler.  And I want to remember how Drew loved earlobes.  He liked to feel them.  He loved to feel a newborn baby's earlobes the best.  And his cousin Sterling's.  If he loved you, he rubbed your earlobes.  And I want to remember how Mallory said "squirrel."  When she said it, it sounded like "squeal."

It's the small things that make a mommy smile.

Halloween 2011

I'm a bit behind these days!  Halloween 2011 is in the books.  This was the first year Ross didn't dress up.  Sniff, sniff.  He hung out with my nephew, Grant, and some friends while we took the other kids trick-or-treating.

 The above photos were taken by my talented friend, Kacey.  The backdrop was painted by her mother.  Talent obviously runs in their family!

 Elizabeth was inspired by a friend and chose to be a mime.  She won a costume contest with this cute little number.  And of course she had an act which she gladly performed upon request.
 Drew (not so happy to have his photo taken) wanted to be Mario.  More specifically he wanted to be this Mario riding Yoshi.  I always feel a little bit of pressure with the confidence the kids have in my costume-making abilities!  I made an attempt, and it was utterly ridiculous.  I really wish I would have taken pictures, but just imagine Squidward instead of Yoshi.  Epic fail.
 Mallory's cute little owl came from recycled sweaters from the thrift store as I said in a previous post.
And Lucy's little sock monkey costume also came from a thrift store sweater.  She, too, won a costume contest for "Most Original."  She was the cutest little sock monkey around!