Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crazy Things I Heard This Week (And Crazy Conversations)

*Awwwww!  Baby slippers!!!!  (Mallory, upon seeing these hair removal pads)

*(Drew singing) Kumbaya, Lord. Kumbaya! Lady Gaga wrote that.

*I wish I could meet Mr. Rogers in real life, but he's dead, isn't he, Mom? (Mallory)

*Ross:  (Grumbles about doing a writing assignment)  This is useless.
Me:  Bud, writing is something you will use for the rest of your life.  You will use it in your job.
Ross:  No I won't.  I'm going to be an MLB player.
Me:  Well then, it will help you with your English.  You need to sound proper when you are interviewed.
Ross:  I'll just pretend like I'm Dominican.

*Mallory:  Will you tell me the story of the Ugly Duckling?
Me:  (After I tell the story)  See?  We all have feelings, and we don't want them to be hurt.  We are kind to everyone.
Mallory:  Yeah, even ugly people.