Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Purina Farms

One day a week during the summer, my mom hosts the oldest eight (Lucy hasn't reached the age requirement yet) of the grandchildren for Grammy Camp. They usually have an activity, have lunch, and make a craft. The kids (and I) look forward to it each week.

My dad happened to take the day off of work recently to attend Grammy Camp as well. They took the kids to Purina Farms near St. Louis. Lucy and I tagged along even though Drew was not happy that I inserted myself into the fun.  I was so glad I decided to cramp his style.  What a great little place! There are educational displays pertaining to animals and pets. There is a barn filled with all kinds of farm animals which the kids could pet. There is a wagon ride, but we had to leave before we had a chance to ride.
The crew stepping on a gigantic scale...

...and working together to test their strength.

The highlight of our day was watching an agility show. It was quite impressive. We saw several dogs (and a fat pot-bellied pig) demonstrate an agility course. And they amazed us with their jumping abilities by catching frisbees.
They even long jumped into a pool to catch the frisbees.
The kids tried their hands at milking a cow.
They had the cutest little piggies!
Lucy was very interested in this fluffy chicken/bird.
It made itself at home by jumping onto Mary Catherine's lap.
I highly recommend Purina Farms if you live near or are visiting the St. Louis area. And in my opinion, the best part is that it's free!