Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This Week's Crazy Things

*Dancing in the 80's was hard. (Elizabeth, said while playing The Michael Jackson Experience on Wii)

*Did you forget to pay the water bill or somethin'? We always run out of hot water so fast. (Drew, said after being the last kid to bathe one night)

*I've only brushed my teeth twice this week. (Ross, said after coming home from camp)

*It was easy. That's because she doesn't even move. (Drew's friend, said after I told the boys thanks for keeping an eye on Lucy when I stepped out of the room)

*Weird is the new brown. (Drew)

*It looks like a car crashed into my hair. (Elizabeth)

*I want to have a big hoosier wedding! (Drew, said after I told him I absolutely will not tolerate a cake smash at my children's' weddings)