Monday, May 2, 2011

Crazy Things Heard This Week

*I can't bear to watch this. (Mallory - covered her eyes and muttered under her breath while watching a kissing scene on Tangled)

*My name would be Erizabeth in Chinese. (Elizabeth)

*This dance move is called "Junk Arms." (Drew)

*There he is! Oh, wait. That's a woman. (Elizabeth)

*Mallory: This sucker tastes like beer.
Me: Do you mean root beer?
Mallory: No, I mean beer.
Me: Well, Honey, we aren't suppose to drink beer, so I don't really think you would even know what it tastes like.
Mallory: (Extremely offended) Yes I do because I am so smart!

Why We Never Have Decent Family Pictures

In a family of seven, it's hard to get a picture where everyone is looking good at the same time. Drew, a.k.a. Jerry Lewis, never helps our cause. Keep in mind, I usually set up the self-timer so I don't see his shenanigans until after the photos are taken. These are some of the images I find:

The Stone Face

Wiggle Worm

The Purple Nurple

The Fonz

The Elvis

The Karate Kid

Tiny Eyes

The Mentally Challenged Child

No Teeth

Again, Mentally Disabled

Mentally Disabled - Yet Again

Tough Guy

The Bulldog

Making Pootie Noises

Again. Disabled.

The Over Smile

The Fake Smile

Closed Eyes

The Tilted Head Over Smile

The Smirk

The Gopher


Thank you, Drew, for making our family photos memorable.