Friday, April 15, 2011

Crazy Things Heard This Week

*You are not a legend, Mom. (Elizabeth - said when I reminisced about my superb April Fooleries of past years)

*Ross, quit trying to pull an Aaron. (Elizabeth - said when Ross was teasing her)

*Do you think Lucy will be special needs when she gets bigger? (Drew - said because... I don't really know)

*Quick! Somebody grab the cannoli! (Drew - said as we were sitting down to eat homemade cannoli when the tornado sirens sounded)

*You know, when the blood went into my mouth, it tasted kind of like chicken. (Drew - said after a nose bleed)

*What happened to the back of her head? Did an animal bite her? (Woman at church - asking about the bald spot on the back of Lucy's head due to sleeping on her back.)