Friday, March 18, 2011

Indoor Pool - More Fun With Water

Something about a 70 degree day after a cold and snowy winter makes the kids want to break out the slip 'n slide and swimsuits. Mean ol' mom always crushes their dreams. Drew decided to bring the fun inside, choosing to be obedient by not creating a water world outdoors.

We recently purchased a new tv. The ginormous box has been taking up space in our living room as a make shift fort/cave/play house. Every kid loves a big empty box. I didn't even notice that the box disappeared out of the living room. I know, I'm just observant like that.

Last night when Edward got home from work, he found the box upstairs in the kids bathroom - filled with water. Drew decided to make an indoor pool. I don't know how long it had been filled with water. It was not long enough to cause a flood (thank heavens), but it was just long enough to make the box nice and soggy - thus ending its fort/cave/playhouse days.

I guess the bright side is there won't be a ginormous box sitting in my living room anymore!