Friday, March 11, 2011

More Crazy Things I've Heard This Week

-Mom! That scares me when you put that on! Don't look at me! (Mallory, said to me while applying my under eye concealer)

-Any men you see on t.v. are wearing make-up, and it's totally legal. (Elizabeth)
-Unless it's HD.... Even football players. (Drew)

-Mallory, wait a minute.(Edward) I can't! I don't have any horsies! (Mallory, as in "hold your horses")

-I want to be a humanitarian when I grow up and help kids from the streets find homes. It breaks my heart to see hobos. (Elizabeth)

-Please bless Daddy so he won't get fired. (Mallory, said during family prayer)

These are the things I heard while the kids were watching King Kong:

-Monkeys are really talented. (Drew) Well, the DO have imposable thumbs. (Elizabeth)

-I think he's gonna eat her and poop her out then fall in love with her 'cause she'll look all ugly. (Mallory)