Friday, February 25, 2011

This Week's Crazy Things

-I wish I had matching gloves. My gloves are blue, but my shorts are red. (Mallory, said while playing wii boxing)

-Me: "I love you, honey!" Mallory: "I'm not your honey! Daddy is your honey. I am your daughter. Daughters are called daughters, and sons are called sons!"

-I'm going to take this little rock home and plant it and grow a big tree. (Mallory)

-Mom, can I listen to some smooth jazz? (Drew)

-That's for a fat girl. (Mallory, said while clothes shopping)

The following things were said while Elizabeth and Mallory enlisted Edward's help to put on a play at my parents' house.

-Grammy, do you have anything that looks like throw-up? (Elizabeth, said while gathering props)

-Our play is called, The Englishman and His Two Daughters That Made Him Floss His Toes. (Elizabeth)

-It's my mustache, can't you tell? It's made out of paper and tape! (Edward)

-But I don't know how to floss his toes. (Mallory)