Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Crazy Things I Heard This Week

-Are all drunk people fat? (Drew)

-Who are your grand kids, Mommy? (Mallory)

-Mommy, why are you eating barf!?! (Mallory {And I wasn't. It was spinach and artichoke hummus.})

-Hey, Ross. You know that time we had country fried steak at school? Well, it was just a hamburger with a couple of crumbs on it. (My nephew, Harrison)

-Said during a prayer, "...and thank you for Ross. And thank you for Elizabeth. And thank you for Drew. And thank you for me because I'm the goodest kid...." (Mallory)

-You don't have to cry about it, Lucy. (Drew)

-Maybe a hobo snuck in and stole all the water. (Elizabeth)

-Your baby has a very nice chin. (Nurse)

-Look who it is, Lucy! It's me, Mallory - your favorite person! (Mallory)

I'm glad Mallory has such high self-esteem.