Friday, February 18, 2011

Lucy's Blessing

The first weekend of February was a happy one for our family. Baby Lucy was blessed at church, and we had a houseful of family and friends to help us celebrate.

Lucy's beautiful blessing gown was made by a friend from church. This is the same friend that made Mallory's blessing gown.

Four of Edward's siblings and their families as well as his mom and step-father made the trip to celebrate this special occasion with us. Saturday night we had 29 people sleeping at our house. The 19 cousins that were here had a great time catching up with each other.

Sweet Lauren meeting Lucy

Four of the five cousins born in 2010
Rex, Ruby, Lucy, and Emme

#2 and #4
Caroline and Ross

Mallory and her Ellie

Rex couldn't help but chew on Lucy.

Some of the boys talking Pokemon

Lucy, Jani, and Papa Otto
Lucy puts their combined grandchild count somewhere in the 30s. I have lost track.

Papa Otto and Mallory

This is the group shot of our family and friends that came to Lucy's blessing, minus my grandma and a few aunts and uncles. Big families are the best!