Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Second Installment of Crazy Things Are Spoken Here

Here are the crazy things that have been said at our house this week.

Because I love the taste of wood glue.

Can I go to a real barber? 'Cause you're not a professor of hairtology.

"But Mom, I'm not going to remember." "Son, I promise I will remember." "But old people forget a lot."

Mmmm. This bacon tastes really good. Like it's from a fancy hotel - not one of those cockroach hotels. And I've been to a cockroach hotel.

How can you tell if someone's been sleeping in your bed? (Asked after being told the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.)

Is this where Jesus was born? (Asked during a funeral at a Catholic church.)

Mallory, you just got schooled by our thirty-five year old dad. And their brains don't even work that well.

Jews can't have meat on Fridays.

It's always exciting around here.