Sunday, January 16, 2011

They Were Only Out Of My Sight For 10 Minutes

Newborn babies require a lot of attention. Newborn babies like to eat. A lot. Frequently.

This afternoon, I suggested that Edward lay down for a nap. He has been Super Dad these last few weeks since Lucy's arrival. I take that back. He has been Super Dad the whole pregnancy, picking up what I have had to neglect due to nausea, fatigue, and, frankly, lack of mobility. He was deserving of a nap and a whole lot more. While he holed up in a corner bedroom, the kids were asked to play quietly, and I went into my bedroom to nurse Lucy for the 357th time today (because newborn babies like to eat. A lot. Frequently.).

When I came downstairs, Elizabeth yelled to me from the living room, "Mom! We have a surprise for you. But wait just a minute. I'm almost finished.... Don't come in yet.... I'm not done.... Okay! Now you can come in!"

I was hoping for a meticulously cleaned living room, not this:

Elizabeth decided to turn Mallory into a meerkat. When that proved too hard, it was decided that she was a raccoon instead. Despite the facial expression, Mallory really was a willing participant.
I immediately told the girls to wash the make-up off before it ruined Mallory's sweater or got on the furniture. This was the sad result of their attempt:

Nice work, Ladies. Sweet little Mallory had been transformed into The Joker.

Thankfully Daddy and eight pounds of Vaseline restored Mallory's face to its original cuteness.