Monday, January 10, 2011

Mallory Loves Being A Big Sister

Mallory loves her new role as big sister and takes it very seriously. She helps me pick out Lucy's outfits everyday. This is a time consuming process as she feels like she has to find just the right outfit each day. She literally has her very own baby doll to play dress-up with.

Mallory is of course very curious about every aspect of caring for Lucy. When she was examining her in the hospital, she said, "Look! She has pink teeth!" upon seeing her little gums. I guess we forgot to tell her the baby wouldn't be born with teeth.
The first time she saw me feeding her, she asked, "How are you thirsty-ing her?" After a brief and toddler friendly lesson on nursing, she asked, "So when you drink water, how does your body turn that into milk?" Uh, I don't know dear. Bodies are wonderful things?
This morning she wanted to help me change Lucy's diaper. As I lifted up her little gown, Mallory blurted out, "Wait, I want to do the next level!" She was referring to unsnapping her little onesie. I suppose Mallory is certainly a child of the technology age!
And she created the perfect accessory for her little sister. She crafted a baby bracelet for Lucy out of Bendaroos. It looks smashing, I would say!

I can't wait to watch these two grow up together!