Monday, June 14, 2010

A Prank 11 Years In The Making

You know these things? These little devices of torture for any newborn? Around our house they are called booger suckers (I believe the correct name is nasal aspirator.). And they were the tools used to pull off The Great Bathroom Prank of 2010.
Nearly eleven years ago I watched a hidden camera/prank television show in which the booger sucker was used. At the time I was watching the show, I held a month-old Ross in my arms and decided then and there that when the time was right, I would use my new boy to commit what I thought was fantastic prank. After waiting patiently for over a decade the time finally came while we were in Branson.
A few months ago I filled the majority of my family in on my little plan. The intended targets would be my fun loving brothers, Aaron and Ben. We all laughed as we pictured their reactions. Here is what we did:
One hot and steamy morning, shortly after arriving at Silver Dollar City someone in the group announced we should all stop at the restrooms before hitting the rides. Our victims were unaware that earlier in the morning we filled two booger suckers with water. There they sat, in the bottom of a bag, where the water began getting warm. To speed up the warming process, my dad sat holding the booger suckers in his hands.
Warm weather means shorts. And shorts mean bare legs. :)
Ross and Grant were selected to do the dirty work. Ross was designated to get Ben, and Grant was designated to get Aaron. Ross walked quickly behind Ben, and two urinals sat empty side-by-side. It took only a second of squeezing the booger sucker before Ben disgustedly shouted, "Are you kidding me!?!" He looked down at Ross and was relieved to see what he held in his hands. Ben later said the thought it was weird that Ross was standing so closely.
And Aaron found a stall. Grant entered the adjacent stall and got to work. In a matter of seconds, Aaron was yelling, "HEY! HEY! HEY!" My mom was outside waiting for everyone, and she said she could hear Aaron's shouts all the way outside."
We were glad the uncles were such good sports, because the rest of us certainly got some belly laughs out of the ordeal.

The pranksters and their victims