Monday, May 17, 2010

This Is What Happens When You Get Rid Of All Of Your Baby Gear

How shall I put this?

*Baby #5 is on the way.

*We're trying to catch up to the Duggars.

*We've jumped on the baby bandwagon. (It would be more appropriate to say we've been thrown under the wheels of the bandwagon.)

We got a HUGE shock recently when we found out we are expecting again. Whoa. I posted recently about Mallory's obsession of getting a new baby. Elizabeth joined in on the requests as well. After being told countless times, "No, we're done." she took matters into her own hands and began praying... for twins. Well, apparently her prayers have been answered. But so have Edward's because the ultrasound only revealed one. New baby is due December 15th.

Surprisingly, I'm not feeling as sick as I normally do. This is a completely new concept for me. It's strange not to have to be confined to the house for fear of V.A.A.A. (that would be Vomiting Anytime and Anywhere). I do feel nauseous in the evenings, but I am grateful that it isn't so severe. It's starting to subside some as I am nearing the end of my first trimester.

It has taken a while for this to sink in. The other kids were all invited to join our family. This one is definitely making a surprise appearance. I truly believe he/she is meant to be here as Edward and I were taking the necessary steps to prevent an expansion in the family.