Thursday, May 6, 2010

Braggy Mom Post

A beautiful piece of artwork and an even more beautiful girl

One Friday a few weeks ago, Elizabeth told me, "Mom, I have some of my artwork in an art show. It's tomorrow at ________ (our local community college)." In the midst of my mom duties I muttered something like, "Oh, that's nice, Honey." The next day Elizabeth said to me, "Are you ready to go to the art show?" "Uhh... sure." It wouldn't be completely dishonest of me to say I forgot about it. The girl and I freshened up and headed out the door. I expected to see a nice little display of elementary schoolers' artwork. When we walked in the door, I saw this:

Oh. Um... wow. Apparently it was a pretty big deal. There were about twenty school districts from the area that participated. Grades 3 - 12 were a part of the art show. A total of 1,100 pieces of art were exhibited.

We searched and searched and searched until we found Elizabeth's. We were thrilled when we saw a third place ribbon on her 3-dimensional mask! The crazy thing is that when Elizabeth's art teacher gave her a note telling her she submitted this mask made at the beginning of the year, Elizabeth couldn't even remember what she was talking about. After a while it dawned on her what her teacher was referring to. And her teacher later told me that she realized that she didn't have any artwork to submit for the design category so she went through her stash to see what she could find. She came across this piece that was in the back of a closet. She decided to submit it, and we're glad she did!