Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthday Girl

April 25, 2007

April 25, 2010

Our sweet little Mallory turned three! She brings such joy into our family and is every one's toy. She is a very obedient child, and she is eager to help others. She is such a sweet girl.

She likes for me to carry her around. Obviously at three years old, she's getting a little too big (even though she is a very tiny thing) for me to do this. For the last few weeks I've told her that when she turns three I'll hold her on my lap as much as she wants, but she will have to walk when ever we go somewhere. So she's been taking full advantage of it this last week. Last week as we were running errands, I would get her out of the van and put her down. She would immediately raise her arms to me and say, "I'm still two, you know." She's pretty hard to resist. She has been doing a great job walking by herself now that she is three. This morning, I carried her out of bed to drop the kids off at school, and she was still in her jammies and bare feet. When we got home, I just carried her into the house so her little feet didn't get cold on the garage floor. She looked confused and stated, "I'm three now." Obviously I was breaking my own rules.

The princess and her new motorcycle

We opened birthday presents before we left for church Sunday morning. After church, we headed over to my sister's house to celebrate her and Mallory's birthday.

Poor Mallory didn't have a chance when it came time to blow out the candles. She was surrounded on the left...

...and right by candle bandits.

The birthday girls, Andrea & Mallory
Andrea had Mallory convinced that she turned three as well. She told her that if it was your birthday on that day, that meant that you turned three. If you ask Mallory how old Annie is, she will tell you that she is three as well.