Friday, February 19, 2010

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

Mallory has changed her tune from wanting a kitten to wanting a baby. That is her new obsession. I hear, "I want a baby" several times a day. My reply is always, "You'll have to talk to Daddy about that. He doesn't want to have another baby." She knows she's not getting him to budge at this point. So her little brain has been hatching a plan. She informed me earlier this week that, "Since we can't have a baby, we will just steal one from some people." She told me this with a straight face and an earnest heart. She is completely serious. I told her, "Oh my! We could never do that." She simply and sincerely asked, "Why?" I told her if we stole a baby from people, they would be very, very sad. I asked her if she would be sad if we had a baby and someone stole it from us. She barely shook her head yes. And then said, "We can still steal one." She's getting desperate.