Friday, February 5, 2010

My Baby Boy Turned 6

Our Trip to Nauvoo

I keep forgetting to post about our trip to Nauvoo, IL. We travelled to this historic little town in late October. It's a sweet little place that takes you back into the mid 1800's. This website provides a little more information. "Historic Nauvoo is located in Western Illinois, bordered on three sides by a bend of the mighty Mississippi River. The restored homes, mercantile establishments and community buildings maintain the charm of what once was a beautiful, industrious city. Today, Nauvoo provides an opportunity to experience the people and times of the past."

The fall folliage was AMAZING!

One of our first stops was the LDS Visitor's Center. We watched a wonderful movie there that recounted the early history of our church.

This picture of Drew was one of my favorites from the whole trip.
We took a cold and wet covered wagon ride through the town. We were grateful for the quilts we had to cover up with!
The beautiful Nauvoo temple
We toured several homes that have been restored. Many of the contents were original to the homes.
We visited the post office (top) and mercantile (bottom right). We learned how the people made yarn (bottom left), candles, rugs, tin, bricks. We visited the home of Johnathan Browning, the famous gun maker, and saw many of his early guns. That was very interesting. We got to sample some cookies from a bakery. We also visited a small school house. I know I'm forgetting some of the other homes or stores we visited. They were all so interesting. The kids were so well behaved and enjoyed learning about how the pioneers lived. Nauvoo is definitely a place I recommend for anyone to visit. One of the best parts is everything is absolutely free!
Watching a blacksmith make a horse shoe
Everyone got in on the pioneer life!
Getting water from the well.