Friday, January 22, 2010

All Good Things Must Come To An End... Less Than A Week Later

I've discovered I'm pretty allergic to cats. Which makes it kind of difficult to actually own a cat. We really grew to love little Ruby, but she had to go to a new home. I tried telling myself my nose and eyes weren't really itching, but after I could barely open my eyes Wednesday night, I couldn't deny it any more. I knew the kitten had to go. Of course the kids were devastated when we told them. Luckily after posting about it on Facebook, a friend decided to adopt her. I felt really good about it. She even told the kids they could come visit her when they wanted and could possibly cat-sit sometime.

Several times today Mallory has said something about since we can't have a cat, now she wants a baby. Not a baby doll. A real baby. I told her she had to convince Daddy of that one.