Sunday, January 17, 2010

Because We Just Really Don't Have Enough Going On...

...we adopted a kitten.

Mallory has been talking incessantly about getting a kitten. Edward and I decided we would get her one for her birthday, three months away. While looking on a classified's website, I found this kitten:

Unfortunately Elizabeth read the part about it being at a non-no kill shelter, and she was HYS-TER-I-CAL. I mean, you can't even imagine how upset she was when she read that it would be euthanized in three weeks if it wasn't adopted.

So after convicing Daddy, we headed off to pick her up. Mallory was in heaven! At the shelter, we were directed to the "cat room" where about 15 cats were roaming around. Mallory would run over and pick up a kitten, love on it for 10 seconds, see another kitten walk by, put down the kitten she was holding, and pick up another kitty. She repeated this 57 times. It was pretty cute.

After much debating/fighting, the name that was chosen was Ruby. The other top picks were River (She was found in an icy creek.), Sally, and my personal favorite - Jennette. :) Mallory was pretty insistant on that, but luckily for us, she's easily persuaded.

We were curious how Stella would react. After chasing the kitten under the safety of the kitchen cabinets, Stella was a bit anxious. The cat hissed at her a few times and swatted at her nose, but other than that, she's a pretty confident and calm kitten. We've been very surprised that she's not more scared of Stella. And we've also been surprised that Stella hasn't tried to eat her. She's very curious about her and mostly just wants to play with her. Once she realizes that Ruby isn't really interested in playing just yet, Stella will just lay down by her.

To be continued....