Monday, December 21, 2009

All I Wanted Was a Quick Family Photo

Once again, I informed my family that we would be taking a quick family photo after Church. And once again my news was met with moans and groans.
I staged the family and set up the camera. Dead battery. So I scrambled to find some more. That reminds me. I need to get batteries before Christmas morning. So I staged everyone again and set the timer. Click. I looked at the picture and said, "We may have gotten a great picture the first time! Oh, wait. No, Drew - cooperate."
Take two. "Drew. Mallory. Cooperate!"

Take three. "Drew, don't smile so hard."

Take four. "There we g..., NO! Mallory, please smile."

Take five. "That's as good as it's going to get."
A little editing and there we go. Although I don't like how I look. :(
Christmas photo - 2009