Sunday, November 1, 2009

Boo Crew

Halloween 2009
Ross, the shark eaten boy
While perusing the Internet for costume ideas, Ross found a similar, store bought costume with a price tag of a mere $60. Knowing that this mom usually makes the costumes, he said, "I'll be that." I'm glad he has confidence in my abilities. I had NO idea how I would pull it off, but I think it turned out pretty well. The gray fabric is so cool! It feels really rubbery. The best part is I got it on sale for 50% off at Hancocks! I think I paid $8 for two yards. The hardest part for Ross was only being able to use one arm, as the shark got the other one.

Madame Fortune Teller

Elizabeth came up with the idea of being a fortune teller. I thought it was pretty creative. We later found the same idea in FamilyFun magazine. We had all the jewelry and the scarf and skirt. I picked up the lovely shirts at a thrift store for a couple bucks. The hardest thing to come up with was a crystal ball. All of the clear sphere shapes I found were made of glass. Then it struck me. A hampster ball! $8 spent at the pet store and we were set!
Elizabeth was so funny. She got ticked off any time someone said she was a gypsy! The nerve!

Mr. Roboto
Drew decided on a robot this year. I knew we could easily pull this off with things around the house. We had the shiny silver lemay pants in the dress-up box. I covered the cardboard boxes with fabric (again 50% off!) and then gadgets from the garage. I just had to spend $6 on dryer vent tubes (what are those things called, anyway?).
Part of the reason Drew wanted the big robot head was so he could more easily hide his face anytime he saw a scary trick-or-treater. The poor boy is terrified of Halloween.
By the way, he won a costume contest. He was pretty happy about that.

Miss Mermaid

Mallory was adamant on being a mermaid this year. It worked out well because I had saved a cute mermaid idea from FamilyFun. I found a large green/metallic robe at a thrift store. Not sure what it was. Maybe a Statue of Liberty costume? Anyway, for $2 I knew I could transform it into a mermaid costume way cheaper than by just buying fabric. I added a little purple tule underneath for a little more girliness. And Elizabeth had the purple shells from a Build-A-Bear costume. They fit Mallory perfectly. The funny thing, though, is that they annoyed her so she ended up pushing them down to her waist like a belt.

Bird Attack
And I can't let the kids have all the fun. I have to get in on the action as well. This was a last minute thrown-together idea. That teasing was really fun to get out of my hair later that night. Edward and I wanted to be Dora and Diego for the church party, but Elizabeth was on the verge of tears at that idea. We decided against tormenting her... this time.
For the church party Edward threw on an outback hat and wrapped a large snake around his neck. I didn't get a picture because, well, I have four children to keep up with.
The kids are already planning what they want to wear next year.