Sunday, September 27, 2009

Finally! A Proper Place For My China!

I love Craigslist. I found this beauty on it for $50! My dear, wonderful, handsome, frugal husband is not quite as fond of our wedding china as I am. I wants to hawk those puppies. Therefore, he has been unwilling to humor me all these years by buying me a beautiful piece of furniture to house and display my beautiful china. So, when I found this treasure on Craigslist with a lovely price tag, I knew the itty bitty amount of money in my ebay account just found a new home in some woman's pocket.

This hand-me-down painted bookcase previously housed my china. And for about ten years before that, my china sat in the same boxes that I lovingly packed it up in after our wedding. It stayed in those boxes through four moves.
So here's to you, Gorgeous China. You finally have a lovely home to house all your loveliness!

Family Visit

We were recently able to travel to visit family for a special occasion.
Our nephew, Edward, was baptized! He wraps up the four cousins that turned 8 and were baptized this year.

Some of the crew

As evidenced, there was a lot of fun with cousins the entire weekend.

This bunch found a playhouse in the dog house!

Sunday before church, we were able to visit one of our church's historical sites. This group of kids were troopers during the tour.