Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Funny Things I've Heard This Week

Mallory is getting to an age where she says some really funny things. And Drew is just a funny kid. He's witty and clever. Here are some of the funny things they've said this week:

Out of the blue while we were swimming, Mallory yelled out, "I LOVE SWIM DIAPERS!" and then she went about her business.

While shopping at the grocery store she said, "Mommy, I love corn and I love you."

Stella, our puppy, was chasing her last night and getting too rough. Mallory yelled, "Aaghhh! She ate me!" when Stella puppy-bit her.

And Stella was getting too rough with Drew the other day. He told her, "Stella, don't charge me for the crime."

And this is the funniest thing he said to me. Several times this weekend he talked about the baby brother or sister of a kid at his Kindergarten. He keeps telling me, "Mom, there is a baby who comes into my school who's face looks just like Michael Jackson's. I'll show the baby to you if I see it." It must have really made an impression on him because he's mentioned it about 5 times over the weekend.