Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of School

The three big kids headed back to school on August 13th (happy birthday to me). I was ready for it about two weeks before. The boredom-that-leads-to-constant-fighting was grating on my nerves. Of course the kids weren't as happy about going back. I don't know too many kids that say they are ready. My days are so quiet now! I've forgotten what it's like to entertain just one!

Mr. Drew started Kindergarten. He dreaded it all summer. At least once a day he would ask, "Mom, will you please home school me?" Uh, no. Unless the circumstances are dire, that will not be happening.

Anyway, miraculously, about a week before school began he started saying he was actually looking forward to it! He's had a good attitude these first few days, although he has said a few times that he doesn't want to go. I'm thankful that we got our first choice of teacher, our beloved Mrs. Peppers, and his very best friend is in his class.

Elizabeth started third grade. She got the same teacher that she had last year. Mrs. Miller moved up to third grade. Her best friend is also in her class!

Ross started at a new school this year. With the new diagnosis, I've been a little nervous for him, but it's getting better. The staff is wonderful so far, and he really likes it. He switches classes, and so far his math teacher and his music teacher (a miracle in itself because he has hated music in the past) are his favorite.

Here's to a good year!