Friday, July 31, 2009

Things I Learned While At Six Flags

*Not everyone chooses to wear deodorant. Either that, or it doesn't work for everyone.

*I don't care about how stylish I look in 87 degree weather. I look melty and soaked. So do 3/4 of the people there.

*A two hour thunderstorm clears out an amusement park quite nicely.

*My 30 year-old body just doesn't handle the same rides my 15 year-old body use to be able to handle. The Ninja use to be my favorite. Now it just scrambles my brain. But I'm not willing to throw in the towel yet. I love roller coasters too much.

*My very cautious, never-before-liked-roller-coasters boy, now LIKES roller coasters! It was a very proud day for Mom. He even rode Batman and said he thinks he'd like to try Mr. Freeze the next time we go. That one's pretty intense even for me!

*A group of five boys can really draw attention to themselves.

*Little girls can be braver than little boys.
*A seven year-old girl's throw up can shut down an entire ride for 13 minutes.

*A day at the park can restore the kids' thinking that I'm the coolest Mom in the world.