Thursday, July 23, 2009


Last night, Elizabeth, my mom, and I had a fun evening at the Muny. We saw The Music Man, and it was wonderful! It's such a fun show.

Wouldn't you know we were running a little late to head to St. Louis because just before we left, a car exploded just a few houses away from ours! The kids and I sat in our backyard watching the flames and smoke engulf the car, and then we watched the fire trucks pull up and the firemen bashing out the car windows. Now THAT isn't something you see everyday. As far as we could tell, no one was hurt.

So, running late as we usually do, unfortunately, we still needed to eat dinner. We stopped at Cracker Barrell, where they took a little too long to bring out our food. We scarfed the tastiness down quickly. I told my mom and Elizabeth I would go pay then use the restroom so we could get back on the road. You know all Cracker Barrells are basically the same - pay in the general store, and bathrooms are in the back of the general store. I paid the lady, and then I was organizing my cash into the various compartments of my wallet as I entered into the bathroom, head down. I went into the stall, and I continued to organize the contents in my purse as I used the restroom. I could hear people coming in and out. When I was finally finished, I opened the bathroom door to the shock of my life. To what should my wondering eyes should appear but TWO MEN WITH THEIR BACKS TO ME USING URINALS!!!!!!! My first thought was, "There are men in the women's bathroom!" My second thought was, "There aren't urinals in a women's bathroom!!" I then wondered if I should go back in the stall and hide out until the cowboy and the other guy left. I decided I shouldn't because more men might come in. So what did I do? I put my purse up in front of my face and RAN out of there like Forrest Gump! I yelled out, "EXCUSE ME!!!" in about as high a pitched voice as I could muster. I continued speed walking back to my table and tried to tell Elizabeth and Mom what happened but I was laughing so hysterically that I couldn't get it out. I was embarrassing Elizabeth because people were staring at me. I wasn't embarrassed, but I was just laughing so hard that I was hysterical. I finally was able to get the story out, and Elizabeth and Mom began laughing hysterically as well.

I wonder what those two men thought. Did they look under the stall when they first walked in and see pink painted toenails and women's flip-flops? What did they think when nature called and a brown purse with a zebra printed shirt ran out of the bathroom behind them?

Ah, it was priceless. One of the finer moments of my life. I've been laughing all night and all morning.