Friday, July 10, 2009

Poker Face

I'm sure many of you are familiar with Lady GaGa's over-played song, Poker Face. It has a fun, catchy beat that gets stuck in your head, that's for sure! The kids would yell, "Turn it up!" when it came on the radio, so we would rock out to it. Since I couldn't tell what Ms. GaGa was actually saying, I thought I'd better check out the lyrics for myself. I thought it was probably one of those songs that the beat just makes you move, but the lyrics might be inappropriate - like "Dude Looks Like A Lady," as Edward embarrassingly found out the hard way in a game of Sing Star at my parents' house for Christmas. Oops! So it turns out I was right. I Googled the lyrics to Poker Face, and I didn't think they were appropriate for my kids (or me) to listen to. We've had discussions about what is appropriate and what is inappropriate for us to listen to. The kids have all agreed that we shouldn't listen to this and should turn the dial when it comes on (every five minutes!) the radio.
It seems Miss Mallory has been paying attention too! She was the leader of the pack when it came time to sing along with Poker Face! It was pretty funny to hear a two-year old sing the chorus to the song! She must have been listening intently as we talked about it not being a good song. This week she was talking Edward's ear off about anything and everything and said something that sounded like poker. Without missing a breath, she told Edward, "Poker Face is a cuss word, Daddy."

Like she knows what "cuss word" means.